In the heart of Groningen, you’ll find the warm and welcome atmosphere of O’Malley’s in one of the oldest historical buildings of the City. We take pride inrepresenting the best of pub lifestyle

– great beers, good hearty food and fantastic craic.

With an extensive seasonal menu, featuring classic pub grub, we’re a great optionfor an evening meal. Or if you’re just after a drink and a chat, we’ve got you coveredthere too with an extensive drinks list and 11 different beer taps to choose from,coupled with friendly assistance from our attentive team.

We also have an extensive network of sports channels, shown across five televisionscreens! So, if there’s something you want to watch, we’ll be sure to have it on foryou!

Check out events page to see what else we get up to! Whatever the day, you’ll

always find the best craic in O’Malley’s!


From the countryside of England, Dom has spent most of his life in pubs – on one side of the bar or the other. A big fan of pub culture, he’ll make you feel right at home with some great beer recommendations, or even whiskey if the mood is right.


A proper London boy, Tom has experience with beers, fine dining, and cocktails. Ask him to make you something different and he’ll rise to the challenge. He’s great for some in depth philosophical chats too.


Ensuring the kitchen runs smoothly, we have Bryan. He’s our Dutch representative and can cook the best steak you’ve ever eaten – give it a go!


If he’s not running the show in Pacific, he’s helping out in O’Malley’s! Our friendly kiwi man will make you feel like you’ve known each other for ages. They say you come for the beer, but you stay for Alistair!


Oosterstraat 67

9711 NS Groningen

Phone 050-2304444


OPENING HOURS for take away


15:00 - 20:00


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